October Update: Part 2: Radical Generosity

Project Energy Efficient Homes –


Praise the Lord! And what a testimony it is to his goodness too! Now we officially have -$3,535 to be used toward creating energy efficient homes, and increasing organizational sustainability. When I left for vacation at the end of September the numbers were low, only $75 raised- and a long ways to go! It had been a little over month of ‘begging’ and well, I decided to give it a rest until after vacay. I came back from vacation, with a renewed spirit and drive, only to find out that the fund was up by $1,000. Whoop whoop! Just $2,400 to go! A lot still to go, but now it was hopeful! I was gearing up to start’ begging’ some more – we needed to get this project going ASAP or risk losing the existing funds we already had!

The end of that same week- I went to ‘check’ the balance to report out a balance to potential donors (not that there would be any significant changes in 72hrs right?). I searched by my last name to find the message – ‘sorry no project under this name’, according to the website. At first, I was confused, and a little panicked. Then searched under my project number- to get the message ‘this project has been fully funded’. My mouth dropped to the floor. I started dancing, hooray-ing, I was so excited … shocked … I could hardly believe my eyes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! For a moment I thought it HAD to be a glitch (not that I don’t believe in miracles…but…), but then Peace Corps confirmed it! The total funds were raised in less than a month. People- this is not NORMAL – it is an outlier, an anomaly… a miracle. I am humbled and truly grateful.

Thank you America, you guys rock!  I really really appreciate your generosity.

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was to WRITE this project, how LONG it took me to write it, how many times its been REWRITTEN, and well – I had so many doubts about it. To see it funded so fast – is truly confirmation I needed right now to press on, and keep the faith.

In the midst of my uncertainties I kept referring back to this quote on my wall:

Let your actions betray your uncertainties.

And with this I end my 19th month in Ukraine. Month 20- marks the beginning of the home stretch. In November PC groups 39/40 (they came together) will officially close out their service, and return back to the motherland. That makes my group- group 41, the next group out…


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